What happens next

See Home Page for details of our Neighbourhood Plan’s progress.

In early 2012, the Steering Group developed a roadmap for delivering our Neighbourhood Plan and guidance for how best to address each stage.

The following shows the key stages still to come:

Early 2013 Finalise the Plan based on community feedback and supporting evidence.
Jun/Jul 2013 Proposed Neighbourhood Plan submitted by Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council, as the official Qualifying Body (with   the support of Sunningdale Parish Council), to the local community and   statutory bodies for final consultation.
Aug 2013 Consultation feedback reviewed and Plan amended as required. Final Plan submitted to RBWM.
Oct/Nov 2013 RBWM publicises the Plan for required statutory 6-week period before submitting it to a professional Examiner.
Q1 2014 If approved by the Examiner, a local Referendum is held, in accordance with the Localism Act. Needs a majority among those who vote for it to be passed. It will then become part of the statutory Development Plan for our area and carry significant weight when determining planning applications.NOTE: At Referendum, local people will beasked to vote Yes or No to the NP in its entirety. ie. A “No” vote would   result in no NP adopted for our area.