Evidence Documents

Our Neighbourhood Plan has been based on the results and feedback from all our consultations and from other research and evidence collated by members of the Neighbourhood Plan Topic Groups.

Final Neighbourhood Plan

The Plan (warning: large file size)

The Appendices (warning: large file size)

Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan which was submitted to the independent Examiner is available – Draft AS&S NP (Sections 1-9) LR.  The appendices are available as Draft AS&S NP (Appendices) LR

The Examiner’s report is available to download here.

Evidence Base

This document is a master summary of all the evidence that supports our Neighbourhood Plan and the policies in it. Evidence base master summary.

Consultation Reports

Community views have been central to our Neighbourhood Plan and the policies included in the Plan have been based on feedback from all our consultations. Below are all the past consultation reports.

Statement of Consultation

Final pre-submission consultation responses

Options consultation Results and Final Report

Ascot Rejuvenation Consultation

Vision Consultation Results

Launch Event Consultation

Note: Responses received during the Borough’s publicity of our Neighbourhood Plan are available on the Borough website RBWM AS&S NP

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

A copy of the full, final report is available to view as part of our Neighbourhood Plan submission on RBWM’s website AS&S NP.