Options Consultation

This is now the last of the consultations we’re having with the community before finalising our local area Neighbourhood Plan.  Once written, you (the community) will have a final chance to comment on it (Spring 2013) before it’s submitted to RBWM, followed by submission to an Examiner. It will then be put to the whole community to vote on in a Referendum (mid 2013); if passed, it will become core planning policy.

About this Options Consultation

We’ve listened to what the community told us in previous consultations  to guide how we develop the detailed Plan. We now seek more feedback from you before finalising it. Please respond; it is important to all of us:

We can effect change, or be affected by change… the choice is ours”

Firstly, some key points:

We must accept that we have to plan for some new development – the government mandates this. Our aim is to influence where and what.

The Plan we’re writing is for the next 15 years up to 2026 – not all development will happen now!

We’re consulting on policies we believe are important to include. And also inviting your feedback and views on the larger potential development sites.

The Overall Picture

You told us:

You want to improve the centres of Ascot and Sunningdale. And to preserve and enhance Sunninghill.

Also to encourage the market to deliver a mix of housing types and in the right locations. And to preserve jobs locally but concentrated mainly in existing economy locations.

It is very important to preserve the character of the area, gaps between villages, open spaces, our green and leafy environment and the Green Belt.

Proposed overall strategy

To concentrate new development in the more sustainable locations, near the two stations, near shops. So, in the commercial centre of Sunningdale; and in Ascot, using the opportunity to regenerate and enhance both sides of the High Street to create a vibrant centre.

To control the amount of development in Sunninghill. And prevent development in the gaps between the villages and in green corridors.

An overview on housing numbers

The government has made it clear that we have to plan for new homes. RBWM have released a provisional housing target for the total number of new homes that have to be provided for across the Borough of 290 to 350 dwellings per annum.

The Plan we are writing is for a 15 year period but for purposes of counting housing numbers, the start is back-dated to 2011. However, the actual housing numbers target for our Neigbhourhood Plan area has not yet been confirmed.

As local residents, our aim with our Neighbourhood Plan is to ensure that new development is sustainable, in the right locations and with the right mix of different types of housing.

To read the full detail of the options and policies that were consulted on, please Click Here  [Note this is a large file]
The Options consultation closed on 15th January 2013. To see the results, click here.

Please note:

This public consultation is one of a number of steps in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan. The intention is to enable the community to provide feedback on some of the more far-reaching or potentially contentious elements that are currently being considered for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan.

The content of the Neighbourhood Plan will depend upon a number of factors including the outcome of this consultation as well as continuing investigations into the deliverability of these options. There is no guarantee that the Neighbourhood Plan will include any of the options being put forward in this consultation either in the form presented, in a modified form or, indeed, at all.