Pre-submission Consultation

Welcome on behalf of the Steering Group for the Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan. This Plan, now in its draft form as our Proposed NP, has been prepared by local residents (volunteers), based on evidence gathered and feedback from local people and businesses. We have conducted four major consultations and have worked hard to ensure that the Plan incorporates and reflects the majority views expressed by the community.

This is now your final chance to comment on this Plan, before it is submitted to RBWM and for Examination, leading then to a vote through a Referendum.

To download and read the draft Plan, click on the files below (Please note that these are large files – reduced file sizes can be found here).

To comment on the Plan, please email us at the address below. IMPORTANT: Please include your POSTCODE  in your email title or we may not be able to take your comments into account.

Email us at:

This consultation closed on Wednesday 7th August 2013. For a summary of the responses received, please click here” Final pre-submission consultation responses.

If you would like to view the Sustainability Appraisal for the Neighbourhourhood Plan, please click here.