Ascot Rejuvenation Consultation

The feedback from the Vision Consultation in April/May this year showed there was clear support for a sensitive redevelopment of Ascot High Street.

In July 2012 we therefore launched an Ascot High Street survey asking local residents, visitors and people who worked in Ascot what they felt was good and not so good about the High Street and what they would most like to see developed in the future. Some surveys were completed by members of the Neighbourhood Plan team interviewing people on the High Street; others were completed by people online on this website. We had a great response with over 470 people completed the survey. The results have now been analysed and a summary is available by clicking here.

Meanwhile, we were delighted that The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community agreed to work with us to develop a vision for the future of Ascot. With the input from the Survey in mind, a public meeting was held on 8th October at which all local residents, businesses and other stakeholders were invited to share their ideas and views on how Ascot and it’s High Street could be developed to make it a more varied and vibrant centre. A summary of what came up at this meeting is available by clicking here. Also included are all the detailed ideas which were put forward on Post-It notes at the meeting.

The Prince’s Foundation took away all this community feedback to work it up into a vision for the future of Ascot. On Monday 29th October they presented this back to the community at a second public meeting held at Ascot Racecourse. Over 250 local people attended this exciting session and a copy of the presentation made by The Prince’s Foundation on the night is available by clicking here.

The Prince’s Foundation has now completed and presented to us their final report on the Ascot Centre Community Workshop. This includes a summary of all the consultations that took place and paints a vision for how Ascot High Street, the centre of Ascot and the station area can be redeveloped to make Ascot a more vibrant and attractive place for residents and visitors and for those who work here. To read their report, please click here. For more detail of the workshop and the consultations, click here to see the Appendices to the report. Please be aware that the files are large.