The Steering Group

The production of our Neighbourhood Plan is being led by a Steering Group which is made up of members of the community including local residents, business owners and members of the two Parish Councils. Details on who the members were can be found here.

As well as managing the production of the Neighbourhood Plan, a key part of the Steering Group’s responsibility is to ensure that the greatest possible consultation takes place with the community, so that the final plan is genuinely shaped by local residents and represents their views. It is doing this by arranging community events, consultations and surveys and, of course, through this website.

The Steering Group will also need to iron out any conflict between different views, and to make sure that our plan is realistic and robust.

To ensure good practice and transparency, a written Steering Group Constitution has been drawn up for the Steering Group, which it has to adhere to throughout the process.

The Steering Group set up four Topic Groups to work on the main aspects of the Plan – see Topic Groups for more information on their work.

To see the minutes of the Steering Group, Click Here.