A Neighbourhood Plan is our opportunity as local residents to shape through planning policies the way our area will develop and look over the next 15 years up to 2026.

This web hub is your one-stop-shop for all you need to  know about the Neighbourhood Plan for Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale, how it is progressing and how you can have your say.

Latest News

Dec 2013 On reviewing the content of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan, the Examiner has decided to call a public hearing, a process that many other Plans have also been subject to. The hearing will take place on Wednesday 11th December at 12 noon at Sunningdale Park, Larch Avenue, Sunningdale. It is open to members of the public to attend but only invited representatives will be permitted to take part in discussions.WHAT HAPPENS NEXT:

After carrying out the hearing, the examiner is expected to deliver his report in January 2014. This report will set out whether the Plan should proceed to the next step of a local Referendum and if so whether the Plan should be modified in any way prior to the  Referendum. We hope that the Referendum vote will take place around March 2014.


The referendum question will be a straight “yes” or “no” on the entire Plan, as set out by Neighbourhood Planning regulations. People will not be able to vote for or against individual policies. If 50% or more of those voting vote for the Plan, it will be brought into force and become part of planning policy. If fewer than 50% vote for it, there will be no Plan for our area. It is important to note that whether or not we have a Neighbourhood Plan, development will still take place. Without a Plan, planning decisions will be made based only on the Borough’s policies and national guidance. With a Plan in place, all the policies in the Plan will influence the nature and type of development that happens and where it takes place.

Nov 2013 The Borough’s publicity period on our Draft Neighbourhood Plan has now closed. The Plan, together with all representations received to the Draft, have now been forwarded to the independent Examiner. We will keep you informed on progress and timings when we know them.
Oct 2013 We have now delivered our final Draft Neighbourhood Plan to the Borough. Our thanks to the many volunteers and contributors who made delivery of this Plan possible.To download the final draft Plan, click here.To download the Plan Appendices, click here.To see all the accompanying documentation required by the Regulations, please go to RBWM’s website AS&S NP.

The Evidence Base which supports this Plan is available in Library/Evidence Documents.

A summary of the responses we received to our pre-submission consultation on our Proposed Neighbourhood Plan, together with our comments to these is available by clicking here.

Sep 2013 Our thanks to everyone who sent in comments to our Proposed Neighbourhood Plan. We have just completed reviewing these and are now putting the finishing touches to our Draft NP. We expect to hand this over to the Borough by middle of September, together with all necessary accompanying documentation. At this point, all the responses we received to our pre-submission consultation will be published online together with our comments to them.
June 2013 After nearly three years in the making, the draft NP is now being submitted for final consultation by Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council (as the official Qualifying Body), with the support of Sunningdale Parish Council.In preparing this draft, every effort has been made to reflect the majority views received from previous consultation feedback, whilst also recognising that we need to conform to government and borough policies.THIS IS NOW YOUR FINAL OPPORTUNITY TO TELL US WHAT YOU THINK. This is a very comprehensive Neighbourhood Plan and, when it comes to public referendum (we hope in early Spring 2014), you will be asked to vote Yes/No to it in its entirety.To read the Proposed Neighbourhood Plan for our area, please Click here.CLOSING DATE FOR COMMENTS WEDNESDAY 7th AUGUST 2013.
We have now received the final Ascot Centre Report from The Prince’s Foundation outlining an exciting vision for the potential redevelopment of Ascot centre and the station area. To see a copy, please Click here.
Feb 2013 We now have the results of the Options consultation that took place during December and January. Click here to see them. We are now finalising our Neighbourhood Plan, taking these results into account.
Dec 2012 Options Consultation took place from  3rd December 2012. and closed on 15th January 2013. This was the last of the consultations with the community before finalising our local area Neighbourhood Plan.  Click here to see the detail of what was consulted on.
Oct 2012 A Vision for the future of Ascot  The second public meeting at which The Prince’s Foundation presented their ideas about a future vision for Ascot took place on Monday 29th  October.  It was a great event, attended by over 250 local people, who gathered to hear how their input and ideas had been included in this vision. The presentation made by The Prince’s Foundation is available by clicking here.
Oct 2012 Join us to hear a Vision for the future of Ascot     A second public session when The Prince’s Foundation will present their ideas, based on the input from the community, local residents and businesses. Monday 29th October 7pm-9pm at the Pavilion, Ascot Racecourse (refreshments will be available from 6:30pm)
Oct 2102 A Vision for Ascot High Street – A public session facilitated by The Prince’s Foundation on 8th October was attended by over 200 local residents and businesses. Lots of ideas and views were put forward and a summary of these can be found hereAlso included are all the detailed ideas which were put forward on Post-It notes at the meeting.
July 2012 Ascot High Street Consultation   The Ascot High Street Consultation Survey asking you how Ascot High Street could be improved has now closed. A summary of the results can be found by Click Here
May 2012 Results of the Vision Consultation are now available.  Please click here to see a summary of what you told us.
April 2012 Vision Consultation launched, inviting all local residents and businesses to give their views on proposed Vision and Priorities for our area. A fantastic 550 of you responded. This consultation is now closed .
April-June 2012 Topic Groups of local residents working on developing options for further consideration. To get involved and contribute, email us at ascotandthesunnings@yahoo.com

To find out more about the plan, including its scope, why it is important, who is driving its preparation and how you can contribute, click on the “About” drop down menu option above.

The Plan covers the two parishes of Sunninghill and Ascot, and Sunningdale, as shown on the map below:

The involvement of the local community is vital to the Plan. Find out how you can get involved and support the development of the Plan by going to the “Get Involved” section. Or email us at ascotandthesunnings@yahoo.com

A Neighbourhood Plan is our opportunity as local residents to shape through planning policies the way our area will develop and look over the next 15 years up to 2026.

This web hub is your one-stop-shop for all you need to  know about the Neighbourhood Plan for Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale, how it is progressing and how you can have your say.